News Posts

Iberian black/death metal misfits Noctem have officially joined MNRK Heavy to spread their filth throughout the world!

Mathcore outfit The Callous Daoboys signed with MNRK Heavy and celebrate with the release of a first single!

A mysterious cult of unearthly looking nuns have banded together to form Dogma, releasing a first single with ‘Father I Have Sinned’ after signing with MNRK Heavy!

Rolo Tomassi releases another huge track and video with ‘Closer’ in anticipation of their upcoming full-length ‘Where Myth Becomes Memory’

Chicago old school thrash trio Misfire is set to release their debut full-length in April and unleash a first single and video!

Sludge pioneers Crowbar unveil details about their upcoming MNRK Heavy album ‘Zero And Below’ and release a first single/video ‘Chemical Godz’!

Great American Ghost shared details about their upcoming EP and the crushing track and video ‘Kingmaker’!

Deathcore outfit Impending Doom announced their upcoming new EP ‘Hellbent’ to be released via MNRK Heavy and unleash a first single ‘Satanic Panic’!


This list is not for the faint of heart. A selection of releases that we experienced as being some of the most intense unleashed during 2021.

February 2022 is yet again brimming with great releases, here’s a small selection of our most anticipated ones!