Album Reviews

Static Abyss’ second full-length “Aborted from Reality” invokes such horror and treads into the style of morbid crusty death doom metal, Chris Reifert and Greg Wilkinson have successfully created a filthy and sordid amalgam of slow death doom metal. Out via Peaceville Records!

The 4th album “Summoning the Slayer” of the Michigan-based death/doom act Temple of Void delivers the crushing heaviness of old school death/doom. Temple of Void now seems to tread solemnly amidst their peers, with songs that will envelop the listener with gloomy melodies, ominous growls, heavy pacied drums and brooding guitars.

Southern California indigenous death/doom metal trio Tzompantli’s first full-length album ‘Tlazcaltiliztli’ is a soul-crushing album, inspired by the likes of Disembowelment, Evoken and The Ruins of Beverast. The entirety of the album reflects on the ancient traditions of human sacrifice and epics of war that invoke the primordial roots of Native American cultural themes.

Night Hag first full length album “Phantasmal Scourge” is total worship of death/doom metal, and highly recommended for fans of Cianide.

Druid Lord has developed a unique brand of death/doom metal, “Relics of the Dead” churns some slow-burn doomy riffs dragging you slowly into the darkest pits of hell.

Mortiferum has nailed their sound on the sophomore the drums are irrepressible but the swaggering cadence of lethargic tempos and the slow doom dirges are brought to focus on the sophomore makes it a classic death-doom album.

‘Death Meditation’ is a dark and brooding record that plunges into the spectral drones of sinister atmosphere.

Temple of Void is taking gradual progress shaping up their trademarks by every album, highly recommended for fans of Paradise Lost, Asphyx and Hooded Menace.

“Mortiferum” instills the basic rudimentary elements of the Finnish and U.S. death metal. This is one of the best death doom albums to surface on 2019, essential for fans of “Krypts”, “Rippikoulu”, and “Corpsessed”.