News Posts

Finnish symphonic death/doom outfit Depressed Mode released the new single “Dissociation of the Extinguished Mind”, another track from their upcoming new album!

Portuguese death/doom duo OAK signed to Season of Mist for the release of their upcoming 2nd full-length!

Finnish death doom masters of Hooded Menace unveiled the third new track ‘Those Who Absorb The Night’ from the upcoming album ‘The Tritonus Bell’!

Finnish death doom outfit Hooded Menace unveiled the second new song ‘Chime Diabolicus’ from their upcoming new album ‘The Tritonus Bell’!

Finnish melodic death/doom outfit Shadecrown released a first single from their upcoming new album with ‘The Awakening’!

Danish death doom outfit Konvent unleashes a first single from the upcoming debut album upon the world!

Sit back and take your time for this: death-doomers Convocation stream their upcoming new album right now!

Album Reviews

”Viscera” is a sonic nightmare sustained by the abrasive elements of blackened death doom, Strigoi depicts utter bleakness and redefines its style where the band takes a logical step forward from the debut album. Released via Season of Mist.

Denmark’s trio Dead Void debuts its first studio album ‘Volatile Forms’ which offers a primitive and sluggish death doom take on this sub-genre, if you are into classic albums of 90’s doom metal then this is for you. Out via Me Saco Un Ojo and Dark Descent Records on September 15.

Ataraxy’s third studio album ‘A Mirror Reflects Our Fate’ cements the atmospheric framework of their suspenseful sensations of death/doom, coming highly recommended for fans of Disembowelment, Krypts and Spectral Voice. Out on Dark Descent Records.

The 4th album “Summoning the Slayer” of the Michigan-based death/doom act Temple of Void delivers the crushing heaviness of old school death/doom. Temple of Void now seems to tread solemnly amidst their peers, with songs that will envelop the listener with gloomy melodies, ominous growls, heavy pacied drums and brooding guitars.

Southern California indigenous death/doom metal trio Tzompantli’s first full-length album ‘Tlazcaltiliztli’ is a soul-crushing album, inspired by the likes of Disembowelment, Evoken and The Ruins of Beverast. The entirety of the album reflects on the ancient traditions of human sacrifice and epics of war that invoke the primordial roots of Native American cultural themes.

Everlasting Spew Records releases a top notch split album that features new rising death metal acts like Ritual Necromancy and Fossilization.

Night Hag first full length album “Phantasmal Scourge” is total worship of death/doom metal, and highly recommended for fans of Cianide.

Druid Lord has developed a unique brand of death/doom metal, “Relics of the Dead” churns some slow-burn doomy riffs dragging you slowly into the darkest pits of hell.

Burial’s full-length album has transcended in quality and sound, the quartet gives us an in-depth sight of their deep musical arrangements.

Worm’s deep interpretation of death/doom will let you loose yourself to the creepy synth and the frothing rhythm.