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Darken The Moon XII

Darken The Moon XII (03/09/21 @ Asgaard)

We're back, baby! Our first proper show at Asgaard without restrictions brought a proper amount of doom with the festival Darken The Moon XII!

Darken The Moon XII

Darken The Moon XII – w/ Clouds, Marche Funèbre, Et Moriemur

Marche Funèbre (BE) death doom metal Et Moriemur (CZ) – existential death doom Calliophis (DE) – death doom metal Pilgrimage (MT/NL) – death doom...

Darken The Moon XI – 14/09/2019

On a nice warm Indian summer afternoon like this one it’s almost tempting fate to go to a funeral doom festival like Darken The Moon.

Funeral Noon V : Ataraxie, Marche Funèbre, Phlebotomized, Crowhill Tales, Hamelin

Fifth occurrence of our Pentecost Afternoon Doom tradition! Ataraxie, Marche Funèbre, Phlebotomized, Crowhill Tales and Hamelin live!

Swallow The Sun live

Swallow the Sun (De Casino, Sint Niklaas) – 07/05/2019

Even in springtime, any excuse is good for a doomy night out. The venue in Sint Niklaas saw some familiar faces tonight, topped off with one Finland's greatest for what...

Swallow The Sun live

Swallow the Sun, Oceans of Slumber, Aeonian Sorrow

Swallow The Sun, Oceans of Slumber and Aeonian Sorrow live at De Casino, Sint-Niklaas (Belgium)! A great evening filled with Death and Doom!

Darken The Moon 2018

check out our pictures from the doomy 10th edition of Darken The Moon Festival!

Darken The Moon X (De Casino, Sint-Niklaas)

For the tenth edition of the Darken the Moon Festival, the organization came up with a lineup that no self-respecting fan of doom metal should want to pass up. Even on a...

Lowlands Doom Pack at Jeugdhuis Asgaard

Lowlands Doom Pack at Asgaard

Time for another good portion of Doom Metal at Jeugdhuis Asgaard! With live performances by Marche Funèbre, Façade, Treurwilg and Beyond Our Ruins!