Evil Invaders – Feed Me Violence

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In the contemporary world of modern metal the new wave of thrash metal has been booming with many youthful bands. This wave has been expanding across the globe with a purpose to fill in the void. Some of the new bands made big impressions with their releases such as Violator, Power Trip, Dust Bolt, Distillator and Havok. It’s a new generation of bands which seeks to inherit from the forefathers of metal and to keep the flame burning till the end of times. Evil Invaders is likely to be one of the revivalist bands who are highly influenced by 80’s metal. Evil Invaders is an old school speed/thrash metal band hailing from Belgium, and they show no mercy with their second album Feed Me Violence, which can be described as a replica of 80’s classics. The vital energy behind the band’s latest effort deserves a high appraisal from fans of Overkill, Exodus, and Razor.

The Belgian youngsters are relentless and full of enthusiasm when it comes to metal as they show extraordinary performance on their second release. The opening Mental Penitentiary is a jaw dropping metal assault, executed with some of the best shredding riffs I’ve ever heard in a long time. Feed Me Violence is incredibly heavy and insane, making this album so overpowering. Vocalist/guitarist Joe Anus sounds very angry and he’s clearly inspired by 80’s metal bands. Max Mayhem‘s scourging riffs make the guitar scream, the drums are hammered ferociously by Senne Jacobs.

They also show their talents with the second song As Life Slowly Fades which is a spectacular tour de force of thrashing metal. With this track the Belgians takes you back in time when thrash/speed metal was heavy and raw. Evil Invaders‘ new album is a showcase of creativity, from the vocal abilities, the pounding drums, vibrating bass lines and the lightning swift solos. The entire performance on the new album is coherent and tight. They also present well-crafted melodies and true understanding of how to connect the elements of speed with thrash metal.

Suspended Reanimation is a short instrumental track before Evil Invaders drops another bomb on your head when Broken Dreams in Isolation shatters your heart with chilling riffs and melodies. Broken Dreams in Isolation happens to be one of my favourite tracks and I bet there are many who share the same opinion. The track is combined with beautiful melodic riffs, the high pitched vocals are very piercing while the two guitars are played fast. Feed Me Violence is another furious track where the Belgian quartet mixes traditional heavy metal with speed metal standards. The track is powered with massive soloing technique showing how capable they can be in terms of song writing.

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Oblivion is outrageously incredible, kicking in with excellent guitar lines delivering nothing but fine speed metal right into your face. The track is full of attitude, from the high pitched vocals to the guitars they have forged their own trademark of guitar licks which are plenty on the new album! Shades of Solitude pumps in with rapid soloing talents, the instrumental track is melodically well crafted. Anger Within is another energetic track overtaken by the 80’s thrash style. Each track has a sharp guitar shredding.

Evil Invaders sounds fresh and extreme, uncompromisingly heavy and intense. The album includes nine tracks and they all range from up tempo parts to slower classics of heavy metal. Feed Me Violence is simply a violent record and it’s impossible to compare it to their debut. Finally I recommend this album to all fans of a speed/thrash metal. And if you are a fan of Judas Priest, Razor and Exciter then I suggest you to check them out right now!

Release date : September 29th, 2017
Label : Napalm Records
Tracklist :
1.Mental Penitentiary
2.As Life Slowly Fades
3.Suspended Reanimation
4.Broken Dreams in Isolation
5.Feed Me Violence
7.Shades of Solitude
8.Anger Within
9.Among the Depths of Sanity


  • Music8/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals9/10
  • Production9/10
  • Artwork8/10
  • Originality8/10
8.4Evil Invaders' new album is a showcase of creativity, from the vocal abilities, the pounding drums, vibrate bass lines and the lightning swift solos.