News Posts

Evanescence’s guitar goddess Jen Majura released her second solo album and it’s filled with blistering metal!

Rock band Colossal Street Jam brings a single of their earlier released album with a lyric video! Get to rockin’ and rollin’!

Brutal death metal outfit Benighted releases second single “Leatherface” with a damn creepy and disturbing video in which a SuicideGirl plays the lead…

Sparzanza comes with the third single of their latest album “Announcing the End” via Despotz Records! Expect huge guitars and earwurms of melodies…

Album Reviews

Feed Me Violence is simply a violent record and it’s impossible to compare it to their debut.

Some very fine music is coming from Austria now! Irdorath with their third album “Denial of Creation” pushes everything away.

Shireen takes you on an empowering and enchanting trip through their world of “Witch Pop”!

Eyes Wide Open will be to the liking of a lot of In Flames fans and definitely brings quality to the table…

Toxic Shock comes, explodes and destroys… one of the most intense bands from our little country bringing to live everything crossover is supposed to be!

Diablo Blvd.’s latest album certainly is a special one, check out what we thought here!

The popular metal outfit Trivium is back with album number 8 “The Sin and the Sentence” to prove that they’re the epitome of modern metal!

The GRIMM Reader

Combined with the album a great visualization of the stories told in the songs!