Evanescence guitarist Jen Majura released second album “InZENity”


Interested in some musical madness to fight off the leady ponderousness of normality? Longing for a ray of light to always guide you home during our god-awful winter time? There’s help around the corner! Jen Majura – loopy, happy sunshine and Evanescence guitar goddess in one – is just about to get off the starting blocks with her second record InZENity, a higgledy-piggledy winter stew of metal madness that’s pretty ace even by her own standards. Good medicine for everyone who wants their summer back right now and forever! The album title and a sympathetic, highly energetic personality behind this album promise intoxicating, entertaining frenzy, channeled through great musical talent. And that’s exactly what the fans get here: 11 tracks brimming with imagination, crazy guitar licks and catchy choruses – that’s 200% Jen Majura and most notably her most personal album to date.

And this woman has a very special and lively vita as a professional musician! Reaching back to the year 2002, she has recorded with German legends like BLIND GUARDIAN and RAGE, is engaged in endorsements with Ibanez, ENGL-Amps, Cordial, Line6, Fishman PickUps and Richter Straps,  representing them with countless trade fair appearances all over the world and through clinics as brand ambassador. She also acted as guitarist of KNORKATOR and FREAK KITCHEN and former bass player of EQUILIBRIUM, leads a music school and, since 2015, plays guitar for the US rockstars EVANESCENCE.

That’s a lot of weight on one pair of shoulders but also a wide range of experiences to draw inspiration from – inspiration that is now sensible in every single track of InZENity and makes the album a tremendously  versatile one without caring the least bit about the conventions of rules and genres.

And the lovely workaholic can count on the smashing support of longtime friends Alex Skolnick (TESTAMENT), Jeff Waters (ANNIHILATOR), Mattias IA Eklundh (FREAK KITCHEN), Jan Zehrfeld (PANZERBALLETT) and Nico Schliemann (GLASPERLENSPIEL) giving her a hand. So: Buckle up and hold on tight when Jen Majura’s InZENity is set free!

Here’s a video featuring a bouncy Jen talking about the endeavor that led to InZENity (and music!) and one showing her buddies from Rage, Therion, Destruction, KissinDynamite and Doro being caught at trying their first fix of InZENity. C’mon everybody: How do you know that a reaction vid is good? Right, there’s gotta be WTF’s in it!


Jen‘s second solo album InZENity internationally (released in Germany Nov 2017), featuring a 24 page booklet and classy gatefold.

1. All the other ones*
2. InZENity*
3. Leave me
4. Drama Queen
5. Bully lies*
6. Lied ohne Namen
7. Sick brain
8. Stupid piece of wood
9. Tobi didn’t show up for breakfast
10. Like Chuck Norris*
11. Far away

*listening tips