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Brutal Assault is back at it with more new bands for the 2019 line-up!

Linnéa shows off a completely different side of her musical skills with her solo-project QFT (Quantum Field Theory)!

Evanescence’s guitar goddess Jen Majura released her second solo album and it’s filled with blistering metal!

The new year has just started and here we are again with a whole list of new releases to look forward to!

Album Reviews

Through “Leviathan” Therion evokes the cinematic style of a movie soundtrack, the songs are diversified and highly textured. “Leviathan” is yet another jewel added to the crown of the band’s discography.

Death Clan OD is a Mephistophelian soundtrack to the dark and occult ages.

For those who think opera is boring, Therion will prove them wrong with their new album.


2021 promises to be quite the year again for new music releases! With our team we decided on some of the releases we’re looking forward to the most!