News Posts

Full Metal Holiday 2020 adds another 7 artists to the line-up of another edition that looks like it’s going to be a great metal trip!

The legendary metal band straight from Hell, Venom is releasing a new album next month!

Evanescence’s guitar goddess Jen Majura released her second solo album and it’s filled with blistering metal!

Summer has started and the festival season is in full gear, but let’s not forget about all of the releases that are still coming our way! Get ready for this!

Photo Reports

One of our newest photographers to have joined the team, Tommy offers a fine selection of cover bands, and gigs from the local club scene with pictures of Sabbra Cadabra, Crowley, Kraken Waker, Self Revolution, The SoapGirls, Nu-Castle, All Before, Audioslaves, Rage, Spartan Warrior, Twin Lizzy, and Red Hot Chilipinos!


Olenfest brings a mix of heavy metal, rock and punk greats and upcoming bands!