News Posts

German Verheerer is back with their sophomore album, already at the beginning of next month!

Deathwhite has entered the studio to record some melancholic dark metal for you!

Liv Sin has entered the studio again for the recording of their sophomore album!

Discover the noise rock of Fvzz Popvli’s upcoming new album “Magna Fvzz” in full already here!

Zeal & Ardor treats us with a little preview of their upcoming album “Stranger Fruits”!

War on Women teamed up with Kathleen Hanna on one of the songs of their upcoming riot of an album!

Evanescence’s guitar goddess Jen Majura released her second solo album and it’s filled with blistering metal!

Album Reviews

Shiraz’ 2nd is here and it rocks like never before! The next big step for these young guys has been taken…