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Dutch one-man black metal project Teitan will be releasing a brand new EP ‘Vákuum’ in September. Check out a first track to discover the weirdness of the outfit!

Belgian heavy metal outfit Thorium released a third single from their latest effort ‘Empires in the Sun’! Check it out!

The Belgian death thrashers of Reject The Sickness are back with the first track from their upcoming new album.

The Belgians of Cellar Twins signed to Rockshots Records and will re-issue their album “Duality” via the label!

Belgian heavy metallers Fireforce announce their upcoming new album “Rage of War”! Check out the details here!

The Warkings are back to rage at yet another war, seeking for ‘Revenge’. Check out the first single ‘Warriors’!

Liv Sin reveals the second single of their upcoming new album with a brand new video!

The masters of the power metal universe are back with their very first single! Gloryhammer rules!

Devildriver is coming to destroy Europe next September, hold on to your breeches!

Swedish band The Heard releases a new music video for “A Death Supreme”!


Watch the interview with Chris and Class from Lord of the Lost about their concept album ‘Judas’, out via Napalm Records!

We fired off some questions to Liv Sin to talk about their new album ‘Burning Sermons’ and the thoughts behind some of their work!

Because these belgian progressive metallers released a brand new album we thought it would be great to ask them some questions about it. check it out.

We interviewed Heidevolk on their most recent run through Europe, check it out here!

Read all about what this fantastic, talented and beautiful lady has to say about her band Liv Sin !!

A talk with vocalist/bassist Andreas from Highrider about their latest album, D&D and the bands that have inspired them to create such a crazy blend of different music styles!

A talk with guitarist Andreas about Grande Royale’s new album, inspirations and roadtrip habits.

Moonspell is bringing a new album soon and if we may believe them, it’s going to be a rumbling one… More about that and other things from Pedro!

“I see many bands out there who are afraid of what people would think. That’s not the right way. You have to follow your dreams. This is not only about bands, I would give this advice to anyone out there.”

The guys of Evil Invaders told us more about their night in jail and their upcoming album.