Teitan prepares to unleash total insanity with new EP ‘Vákuum’


On September 15th of 2021, Teitan, the Dutch one-man black metal project by Devi Hisgen will release a brand new work consisting of five songs. Devi is already known for making experimental music with Cthuluminati and fans can expect something familiar yet very much following its own twisted path.

Devi’s time spent writing in lockdowns has resulted in a completely absurd twenty-two minute trip into dark and mind-bending worlds. With lyrics about dark scientific theories and dissonant melodies, Vákuum is a true ode to the void, a well-articulated piece of abstract art. Although Teitan truly is an entity on its own, the work fits really well into the worlds and works Devi has tied his name to.

This concept for avant-garde songwriting drew the attention of both Void Wanderer and Onism Productions, and since Teitan was the first band ever to release material on Zwaerdgevegt Records, it was agreed that all three labels will release the EP. Do not expect an easy listening experience, but if you are into bombastic and hypnotizing black metal, you might be in for an ominous treat.

Pre-order from:
https://voidwanderer.com/ (digipack)
https://onism.productions/ (digipack)
https://www.zwaertgevegt.nl/ (cassette tape)

On May 13th 2021 the single „Shadowlord” has been released so you already will get an idea what Teitan is all about when you never heard about them before. There is no video from this song but nevertheless you can listen to this song through YouTube. The direct link to this new song on YouTube is:

The single can be found on the following platforms:


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