Interview Lord Of The Lost – “It’s inspired by the character of Judas and the grey area between him as a traitor and a savior”

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The German outfit Lord of the Lost is a band of many colors, incorporating elements of industrial, Gothic, metal, rock,… into their sound and even having released a couple of albums with purely symphonic versions of their songs. Now for their 7th full-length, they went all out again and are releasing a double album called ‘Judas’ with the Bible character as the inspiration for the concept album and with striking visuals and marketing campaign. No hesitation from our side to want to talk with the band about this impressive endeavor…

We had a chat with Chris Harmes (vocals) and Class Grenayde (bass) from the Lord of the Lost studio. Chris explained how he came to the concept of the release inspired by Lady Gaga, reading about the Judas bible character and scribbling the inverted cross/”J” logo they’re using now in the artwork of the album. On many levels the album is again a leap forward for the band and they put a lot of effort into recording this the way they wanted to while they were stuck at home due to the pandemic. Working out the actual story, music and lyrics for the album, was a pretty interesting project with both Chris and π (guitars) going through literature and studies about Judas and the band with crew going on a sort of bootcamp to work everything out eventually. The ‘Damnation‘ and ‘Salvation‘ sides of the double album each have their own vibe and side of the character, and are build in such a way that they can be listened to like a pair of feature movies with intro, build-up and end, but still connected perfectly. Chris and Class also told us what for them was the biggest challenges they faced while working on the project and how they see bringing the music of the ‘Judas‘ album live. Lastly, they talk about the amazing bonus project they did, ‘LOTL+‘, where 32 different artists and bands put their own spin to the exact same song (‘Viva Vendetta’), without knowing the lyrics or concept. For all of that and more, be sure to watch the whole interview!

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