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After 3 years, Rammstein is back with their new album “Zeit”, check out the first single and title track now!

Up-and-coming German black metal outfit DÆMONESQ releases the new track ‘Allure and Grandeur’, another single from their upcoming EP ‘The Beauty of Letting Go’!

German atmospheric black metal outfit Unru announced their upcoming 2nd full-length ‘Die Wiederkehr Des Verdrängten’ to be released via Babylon Doom Cult Records!

German melodeath outfit Deserted Fear unleash a second single of their upcoming full-length album ‘Doomsday’!

Melodeath act Credic released a video for the title track of their upcoming album ‘Vermillion Oceans’!

Dark metal masters Agathodaimon are back! A new album is on the way with ‘The Seven’ and a first single was unveiled!

German black/death metal outfit Mystic Circle unleashed the 2nd single of their upcoming self-titled comeback album!

German thrash metal legends Destruction announced their upcoming new album ‘Diabolical’ and unleashed the title track as a first taste!

Kissin’ Dynamite released another song from their upcoming album with ‘Yoko Ono’!

German black metal outfit Dæmonesq release a the title track from their upcoming EP ‘The Beauty of Letting Go’!

Album Reviews

Kissing Dynamite is ready to rock again and spread rock music all over the world! With positivity as the key message.

With just under 20 minutes of music on this EP, I’m sad it’s already over. This is just the first EP that Aeon of Awareness is releasing, so keep an eye out for their releases in the future.

Knasterbart delivered with “Perlen vor die Säue” a crazy, unpredictable and fun record that perfectly represents the wacko bunch of dudes that they are!

Through a fissure between space and time comes crawling Abythic’s debut’ Beneath Ancient Portals’, an album that has been waiting patiently beyond our plane of existence since the Antediluvian age also known to us mortals as the nineties.

Verheerer’s latest release is a bit of a mystery, check out what we thought here!

Asenblut’s last EP came out in February and was called Legenden, find out what we thought here!

Letzte Instanz Germans do some storytelling with a warm voice and a tasteful musical environment.

A melancholic Black Metal pearl and a must have for fans of Imperium Dekadenz, Helrunar, Endstille and Totalselfhatred!

It’s all about the Gods Of Violence , the new acclaimed album of European thrash legends Kreator

An overview of 15 years of German medieval folk rock!


Read the chat we had with Kissin’ Dynamite’s lead guitarist Jim Müller about the new album ‘Not the End of the Road’!

Watch the chat we had with the lovely people of Brunhilde about their infections rock music and latest full-length release ‘To Cut A Long Story Short’!

Watch the interview with Chris and Class from Lord of the Lost about their concept album ‘Judas’, out via Napalm Records!

Watch the interview with Lukas Kerk from the new German melodeath band Hiraes about their debut album ‘Solitary’, the dangers of pyrotechnics and their excitement for the future of the band.

We have a chat with Patrick Walch, the man behind the successful and interesting new label Noble Demon! Check out what he has to say!

We had the chance to ask Amanda Somerville a couple of questions about her latest release with Trillium and her life in the music industry!

We had the chance to ask Amanda Somerville a couple of questions about her latest release with Trillium and her life in the music industry!

Changes with ups and downs but always an ‘up’ for Painful.