Interview Off The Cross – “My case was finished in a couple of days, it drinks easy”

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A band that recently joined the ongoing trend of having a beer as part of their merchandise, is the Belgian up-and-coming modern metal band Off The Cross. When we had an interview with Daan Swinnen (vocals) about their new album ‘Enjoy It While It Lasts’ (check out the interview here), we also took some time to ask him about their beer ‘Goddess’ and chat about what he prefers to drink. Despite Daan not really knowing all that much details about the beer since it was mostly bassist Kurt who is the beer connoisseur and responsible one to get the beer to what it is now, he still could share some background about how they chose the name for the beer, the style, how they found the right brewery (basically with the help of their distributor Johnny Liquor) and how the beer actually is like. We also asked Daan what beers he personally prefers (both metal and not metal related) and what he’d love to create and release with Off The Cross as a drink (and it was not all alcohol related). At the end we went a bit off topic, chatting about what different ways a band can go with merchandising, which led to some interesting things. Check it out!

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