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Crowsview – Lost Resistance

Get ready for a kick in the teeth by Crowsview's debut album "Lost Resistance"... the H8000 scene lives!

Black Mirrors release music video for their second single “Moonstone”!

Belgian stoner rock outfit Black Mirrors is coming to get you! With their debut full-length and a tour throughout Europe!

Thorium releases its first lyric video for “Godspeed” from the upcoming debut album

The first audio to be heard of the upcoming debut album of brand new heavy metal band from Belgium Thorium!

Dee Snider shares lyric video for “Tomorrow’s No Concern”!

Dee Snider unleashes a tidbit of his upcoming release dedicated to the love for metal!

Nervosa – Downfall of Mankind

The thrash metal killing machine from Brazil is back and they're ready for the "Downfall of Mankind"! Get crushed by another brutal release from Nervosa!

Solitude Within live at Asgaard

Solitude Within + False Archetypes at Asgaard

Solitude Within will bring you great symphonic rock music with a beautiful melodic female singing voice, gorgeous melodies, epic choruses, thunderous drums and blazing...

Unleashed sign with Napalm Records worldwide!

The Swedish death metal legends Unleashed joined Napalm Records to unleash another soundtrack for you warriors later this year!

Candlemass premiere video for their upcoming new EP ‘House of Doom’

Candlemass, the Swedish pioneers of timeless slowness are back in top form, distilling the essence of epic doom metal!

Our Common Sense and Six O' Five live at Asgaard

Our Common Sense + Six O’ Five at Asgaard

Hardlife Promotion showcase: Our Common Sense and Six O' Five live at Asgaard!

Skindred – Big Tings

Start your engines, ladies and gentlemen: nothing`s off limits for Welsh ragga rock / metal pioneers Skindred and their seventh album Big Tings! Roaring and pounding,...