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Solitude Within live at Asgaard

Solitude Within + False Archetypes at Asgaard

Solitude Within will bring you great symphonic rock music with a beautiful melodic female singing voice, gorgeous melodies, epic choruses, thunderous drums and blazing...

Evil Invaders – Feed Me Violence

Feed Me Violence is simply a violent record and it’s impossible to compare it to their debut.

23 Acez

Because these belgian progressive metallers released a brand new album we thought it would be great to ask them some questions about it. check it out.


We interviewed Heidevolk on their most recent run through Europe, check it out here!

Charcoalcity + Caerus at Asgaard

Showcases Hard Life Promotion: 20 years of band promotion! Charcoalcity and Caerus live at Asgaard!