Toundra – Vortex

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Whoever thinks post-rock is boring, has obviously never heard of Madrid-based Toundra. Active since 2007, they are quickly conquering hearts, spawning one great album after another. In 2015 “IV” got to an amazing second place in the Spanish general (!) charts, proving how accessible and universally touching their work is. Today, their fifth album Vortex hits the markets and the expectations are high…

… And were fully met! Vortex offers technical progressive instrumental post-rock at its best, much like Ohgod and sometimes Russian Circles. After a theatrical intro that could very well be the soundtrack of an indie roadtrip movie, Cobra takes off very good and energetic. David Lopez and Esteban Girón send their guitars to all the corners of the world on a hectic scouting trip, varying heavy parts with bittersweet post-rock towards the end.

The same goes for Tuareg, with a strong escalation in intensity. Cartavio and Roy Neary are short soundscapes, Kingston Falls is an exhibit of their more progressive qualities. Mojave is a staggering eleven-minute long cherry on the cake. It starts like a distant fever dream and breaks through with an alarming build-up. Heavy and dreamy parts switch naturally and there is a lot of variation in melody and rhythm. This song in particular is a treat for Russian Circles fans. Finally, Cruce Oeste is a very melancholic, resigning and touching goodbye.

Another job well done! Toundra will play in Dok Gent on the ninth of May. Be there!

Release Date: April 27th 2018
Record Label: Inside Out Music
1. Intro Vortex
2. Cobra
3. Tuareg
4. Cartavio
5. Kingston Falls
6. Mojave
7. Roy Neary
8. Cruce Oeste


  • Music9/10
  • Vocals/Lyrics9/10
  • Production/Mix9/10
  • Artwork/Packaging9/10
  • Originality9/10
9Vortex is the fifth bullseye of progressive post-rockband Toundra. Much like a mermaid, it lures you in with gentle and sensitive post-rock and then devours you whole with heavy, intense parts. To be listened to on your own risk!