News Posts

With ‘Holy Mountain Mind’, Spain’s The Wizards proudly present another song from their upcoming album ‘The Exit Garden’, set for release via High Roller Records next week!

Spanish black metal outfit Atrexial unleashed the first single ‘Blackfire Liturgy’ from their upcoming album ‘The Serpent Abomination’, set for release later this month via Non Serviam Records!

Madrid electronic rockers Gomad! & Monster signed a worldwide deal with Eclipse Records and have their new EP ‘Sickness’ on the way for an April release!

Blackened death metal outfit Noctem unleashes a video for ‘The Pale Moon Rite’ in observance of the winter solstice, a track from their latest release ‘Credo Certe Ne Cras’ released in 2022 via MNRK Heavy!

Spanish dark metal outfit Dark Embrace unleashed their ‘Personal Hell’ upon the world, another track from the upcoming ‘Dark Heavy Metal’ album to be released later this month via Massacre Records!

Iberian black/death metal misfits Noctem have officially joined MNRK Heavy to spread their filth throughout the world!

Spanish extreme metallists of Altarage announced a brand new album and unveil the first single of the upcoming release!

Time to plan again for that sun, fun and all metal line-up! Full Metal Holiday part III has announced the first names of the line-up and started ticket sales!

Spanish mysterious death metal outfit Altarage is streaming their album in full before the official release!

Brothers Till We Die teamed up with Alex (Malevolence) for their brand new track Psalm 55.

Album Reviews

Crusade of Bards create this mix of power metal, symphonic metal, folk touches, and even gothic and pagan touches. It’s all there, and it all blends in beautifully together.

Aversio Humanitatis deliver a fine album, a foreboding musical manifestation that depicts the horror vistas of the apocalypse.

Toundra is back with another token of progressive post-rock creativity. A must for fans of Ohgod and Russian Circles… But mostly of Toundra!

Enjoy the latest spawn of one of Spain’s great Black Metal acts!

Top notch symphonic metal from Spain.