Interview Sharone about “Morbid Illusion”

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Well ladies and gents, I officially kicked off my interview journey with the lovely and talented Sharone! With her new album “Morbid Illusion” coming out on May 28th, I wanted to catch up and chat a bit about the story behind this vulnerable release.

Sharone said a big part of what inspired “Morbid Illusion” were the changes she has gone through and the toll that has taken on her over the last year or so. She and her band were able to learn how to remotely create this album while staying at their own houses instead of being able to record at the studio like normal! Sharone and I talked about quarantine hobbies, Cinco De Mayo outfits, music video shoots and archery (you’ll see!). I had an absolute blast meeting and talking to Sharone, she is so hard working and amazingly talented. Make sure to check out “Morbid Illusion” out on May 28th 2021 on all streaming platforms but before that check out her site for some merchandise bundles or even some hand written lyric sheets! Check her out and tell me what you think!

To watch the full interview, go check out the video on our Youtube channel or right here:

Sharone online:

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