“Give us an amp, we’ll play a WalMart parking lot” Leigh Kakaty of Pop Evil talks newest album, touring and how Rock n Roll ISN’T DEAD!

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I started out shaking like a leaf but shortly into our conversation it felt like I was talking to an old friend. Leigh Kakaty is probably one of the nicest and most level headed people I have talked to, it was refreshing. Since Pop Evil became a band in 2001 they’ve made changes to band members, band logos and even their sound. When it comes to adjusting to current times I asked Leigh what their “key” to keeping up is and he said that it’s a “blue collar mentality” and that he keeps on grinding because that’s what the “modern day rock star” needs to do!

Through out my conversation with Leigh we got to talk about some behind the scenes of touring, which includes the Walmart trips after the shows (yes, Walmart! They like to SAVE money – they’re human!). Pop Evil has learned how to adjust to times and make their music fit into the wants of the audience without sacrificing sound quality, passion and content.

While discussing upcoming tours approaching before answering, Leigh chuckled and said he might not be able to get through the first couple of shows while playing the new music due to the emotions. It’ll be interesting to see or hear how those first shows go. I may be biased but I think they’ll put on a phenomenal show no matter what!

A huge shout out to Leigh Kakaty for taking time to sit and chat with me about Versatile, the journey you’ve had as a band and fun stories. Make sure you go and grab a copy of Versatile and download it on all streaming platforms. Check out their tour dates coming up and grab some tickets to a show, or two!

Check out the full interview on the GRIMM Youtube page or right here:

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  1. Kevin McNamara
    Kevin McNamara says:

    This is a great interview. Leigh is very personable and interesting. Ali had done her homework and asked relevant questions to set the tone for a wonderfully interesting chat.


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