News Posts

Eleine shared more details on their upcoming new album ‘We Shall Remain’, set for release in July via Atomic Fire Records and released the fan-dedicated anthem ‘We Are Legion’ as a new single!

Spanish dark metal outfit Dark Embrace unleashed their ‘Personal Hell’ upon the world, another track from the upcoming ‘Dark Heavy Metal’ album to be released later this month via Massacre Records!

Finnish dark metal band Kuoleman Galleria is releasing their 4th full-length album ‘Pedon Synty’ in March via Inverse Records and shared a 1st single with ‘Taudinkantaja’!

German outfit Erdling released the new single and video ‘Deus’ as the herald of a new album to be released via Out of Line music!

Portuguese dark metal masters Moonspell shared a video clip for ‘Apophthegmata’ from the live album/DVD ‘From Down Below – Live 80 Meters Deep’, out since today via Napalm Records. Also, catch them live at one of the stops of their ‘Ultima Ratio Fest’ 2022 tour that started yesterday!

Finnish dark metal outfit Kuoleman Galleria is to release their 3rd album soon, check out their latest single ‘Jean Grenier’!

Dark metal masters Agathodaimon are back! A new album is on the way with ‘The Seven’ and a first single was unveiled!

Cradle of Filth releases second single ‘Necromantic Fantasies’ from their upcoming 13th full-length ‘Existence Is Futile’!

Finnish super group Mercury Circle unleashes yet another unique sounding track from the upcoming ‘Killing Moons’ debut full-length!

Belgian dark metal outfit Emptiness unveils yet another “misery pop” track from their upcoming album ‘Vide’!

Photo Reports

Ultima Ratio Fest has been bringing a proper collection of metal bands around Europe with Moonspell, Insomnium, Borknagar, Wolfheart and Hinayana. Sadly it seemed the crowd was mostly asleep at this stop at Backstage Munich, regardless some great metal music was played this night!