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Dark alternative metal act Crimson Veil showcase their signature sound with debut single ‘Flinch’, a track from the upcoming album ‘Hex’, set for release in September via Reigning Phoenix Music!

Orden Ogan unveiled their latest single ‘Moon Fire’ with a music video last week, another track from their highly anticipated upcoming new album ‘The Order Of Fear’, set for release in July vie Reigning Phoenix Music!

Swedish symphonic dark metal outfit Eleine launched the ‘Promise Of Apocalypse’ visualizer video and a digital 2-track single of the same name, with a previously unheard instrumental version!

Finnish-Australian metal quartet The Eternal signed to Reigning Phoenix Music for the release of ‘Skinwalker’, their first new album in 6 years. Pre-save their upcoming single ‘Death Like Silence’ now!

Finnish dark metal torchbearers Counting Hours shared new video ‘Away I Flow’, another single from the upcoming album ‘The Wishing Tomb’ set for release on February 23rd via Ardua Music!

LA dark melodic metal outfit Witherfall release a video for the new single ‘Where Do I Begin?’, a track from their upcoming new album ‘Sounds Of The Forgotten’, set for release in May via their own label DeathWave Records!

Swedish dark metallers The Vice have unleashed their highly anticipated album ‘Dead Canary Run’ via Noble Demon last Friday and celebrated the release with a music video for ‘Lit de Parade’!

Finnish dark metal torchbearers counting Hours announced new album ‘The Wishing Tomb’ to be released in February 2024 via Ardua Music and shared a first track with ‘Timeless Ones’!

Dark melodic metal outfit Witherfall unleashed the dark and heavy new single ‘Insidious’ with matching video!

Dark symphonic metal outfit Eleine has just embarked on their lengthy tour supporting Pain and Ensiferum and surprised with the new single ‘Blood In Their Eyes’ and the announcement of guitarist Victor Jonasson becoming an official permanent member!