Interview I Am Your God – “We have been developing and growing as songwriters, players and musicians”

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In a country with heaps of new and talented bands popping up constantly, I Am Your God has been talked about more than once as one of Finland’s most promising collection of young guns. Their debut album ‘The Resurrection’ made a lot of heads turn back in 2020 and we heard people talk about them as the next generation’s Children of Bodom. Now this year they returned with their sophomore full-length ‘SINister’, and we thought it to be a good moment to catch up with them to have a talk about their music, new album and more shortly before the release of the album back in May.

We found vocalist Julius Vetämäjärvi and guitarist Matti Hietala at The Riff in Helsinki where we sat down for our chat. They were really excited to talk about their new material that was about to get released shortly after we met up, and it was actually really interesting to get to talk with these 2 since they are the main songwriters for the band.

The already released singles got some really good feedback and fans seemed to like them a lot. And even with the previous album, they’ve been continuing to bring in new listeners, looking at the fact that they got to announce recently that it had been listened to a lot, something like 2 million streams. Something they never would have believed when they started the band.

When talking more about the new album ‘SINister’, they feel a big thing for this one is that Julius ended up writing more songs this time, and that through the band’s development and growth over the years on the level of songwriting, players and musicians this album ended up sounding way more cohesive. It’s really diverse, but in a different way than the debut album, with new elements (people even mentioning hearing touches of black metal). Comparisons have been made a lot with Children of Bodom, but also with Bullet For My Valentine, which is not too surprising since those are basically their musical roots, and they’re proud of it that they get compared to them. We also talk about the fact that ‘SINister’ sounds better than the first, where the production and sound is more full than before, which they believe is because they had more time to fine-tune it, but also because their mixer has grown over the years as well which really shows in the end result. Another new thing for this album, was that Julius worked really hard to do some of the low growls as well this time, backed by Matti, giving it more power as well.

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