Interview Leprous – “My personal highlights on tour, is when I’m out and discover something new. It really gives me a lot of energy.”

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Leprous is a widely popular prog band that manages to appeal to both people who are into heavy music and catchy melodic stuff. So while they were in the country, we thought it could be fun to catch up with them in Helsinki for an interview near the end of their massive “Aphelion European tour 2023”.

We met up with Simen, bassist for Leprous for well over half a decade now and had a chat about how the tour has been going. On the day we met, he seemed tired because of the off day, throwing him somewhat off his usual routine. He did really enjoy the tour, because he feels that the present line-up is really working well. No drama, no major annoyances,… which is good when you’re on the road hitting about 50 stops. Simen does bring up that he doesn’t see himself as a rock musician really, since that isn’t his background really and he still approaches playing the music his own way. It still feels like somewhat of a curveball to be playing with this band, which he’s still very appreciative for. For Simen, being on tour, his personal highlights of the tour are surprisingly enough not necessarily the shows, but being able to go out and discover something new in the city they are at the time. So whenever the band is in your city for a show, it seems you should keep your eyes out for a wandering Simen discovering the surroundings…

We also shortly touch on how it’s like to go play in other continents, like for instance his experience with people in Japan. When asking Simen if he wanted to add anything still, he starts pointing out that people should support live shows and their local scenes as much as they can. It’s not getting easier for organizations and bands to get events successful when they’re not connected with something bigger. So go out and support your local live and cultural scene!

For all of that and more go see the full interview on our Youtube channel or right here:
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