Interview Samy Elbanna (Lost Society) – “The music scene isn’t going anywhere”

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Picture: Lost Society at ‘The Best Tour Ever pt. 1’, by JCV photography

Lost Society is one of the bands at the forefront of the “New Wave of Finnish Heavy Metal” and showcased that together with Arion, Shiraz Lane and Wheel at the end of 2019 with ‘The Best Tour Ever pt. 1’ that toured throughout Finland. In 2020 they released their new album ‘No Absolution’ and in promotion of that we got to talk with main vocalist and guitarist Samy Elbanna. After talking plenty with him about their upcoming album (for that go here), we asked a couple of extra questions…

Samy talked about the epic tour that was “The Best Tour Ever pt. 1” and that it was the best way for them to show that the new generation is here and that the music scene isn’t going anywhere, no matter what genre. He also mentioned what an honor it was for him to be able to play the last full (metal) show before Nosturi (a legendary venue in Helsinki) closed (for the report go here and pics here). For him there were a lot of good memories of that place, spending time there almost every time he got to Helsinki. Besides that he briefly talked about the releases that really impressed him in 2019…

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