Interview Alicia Vigil (Dragonforce) – “It felt so good to finally put my stamp on an album, to be a part of it this time!”

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The legendary power metal band Dragonforce is back yet again with another album! ‘Warp Speed Warriors’ is the first album with Alicia Vigil as an official member of the band, so it felt right to catch up with her just before she left California to join the band in Europe for their massive co-headline tour with Amaranthe!

When asking Alicia how she was doing, she told us that she was still enjoying the last bits of Californian sun before heading to Europe for the tour, but that she was really excited to get to bring the Dragonforce music to the stages all over Europe. With the amounts of stops, it’s promising to get crazy again. Getting to tour with a legendary band like Dragonforce, or simply being part of it, still feels somewhat unreal for her, and she regularly pinches herself. Being one of those kids who played Guitar Hero, and probably got to know the Dragonforce music through it, we can only imagine how mind-blowing it is. And being part of a band like Dragonforce, you get to experience all kinds of things you never could have imagined before. We pointed out seeing her holding a sloth in their recent music video, and Alicia told us that she actually is keeping a sort of tour diary, simply to remember all the things that happen to her.

Talking about the upcoming album ‘Warp Speed Warriors’, she expresses to be really happy to finally have been part of a Dragonforce album since she joined the band. And while Sam (Totman) basically wrote everything, and the guys could have easily done everything themselves, they let every member put their own touch and feel to the music that was written. So they’re actually band members and not just hired guns who only get to play the music live. Talking about playing the music live, Alicia told us that she’s really looking forward to play ‘Doomsday Party’ live, since with the song being so left field and funky, the bass is apparently so much fun to play. But also the new, more classic Dragonforce track ‘Space Marine Corp’ is one she’s really looking forward to bringing to stages all over the world.

And those stages, and the stage production, is also a place where Dragonforce regularly goes a bit wild, with stage props like arcade machines, smoke spitting dragons and so on. For this tour, you can expect much of the same again. Apparently that part of Dragonforce is also something that is completely in the hands of Sam, figuring all the props out, to having even build the arcade machines!

For all of that and more go see the full interview on our Youtube channel or right here:

Catch them live whenever they come to your neighborhood and don’t forget to check out their new album ‘Warp Speed Warriors’ (out March 15th via Napalm Records)!

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