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The popular Swedish band Amaranthe unleashed another catchy single with ‘Outer Dimensions’, a track from their upcoming album ‘The Catalyst’, set for release via Nuclear Blast in February 2024! Which is also the month they start their extensive European co-headline tour with Dragonforce!

Swedish modern metal powerhouse Amaranthe unleashed the new single ‘Insatiable’, another track from their upcoming album ‘The Catalyst’, set for release in February 2024 via Nuclear Blast! Catch them live at John Smith Frozen this December or on their co-headline Europe tour with Dragonforce next year!

Gyze release the brand new single “Samurai Metal”, bringing a folk metal inspired blistering track with traditional Japanese folk instruments!

The all-star death metal band Sinsaenum is coming your way soon! Get ready to be brutalized!

Gig Reports

One of our reporters got to fulfill her dream to see a show at the legendary Palladium on Time Square while she was in New York City and caught great shows from Dragonforce, Amaranthe, Nanowar of Steel and Edge of Paradise ripping it up, turning the night into a celebration of heavy metal!

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We caught the power metal feast that is Powerwolf’s Wolfsnächte 2022 tour with support acts Dragonforce and Warkings at the Lotto Arena in Antwerp!

Album Reviews

BABYMETAL, surpassing boundaries and serving the haters an answer: We’re here to stay!