Powerwolf (Lotto Arena, Antwerp, BE) – 04/12/2022

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We went to Antwerp to watch Powerwolf on their ‘Wolfsnächte 2022’ tour where they presented us their latest album ‘Call of the Wild’, successor to the hugely successful album ‘The Sacrament of Sin’.

The (European) tour kicked off in Stuttgart on October 1st, and on December 4th it was our turn to sing along to the heavy metal anthems they brought us on what was  the biggest and most epic production Powerwolf has brought to stage thus far.

Special guests were Dragonforce, led by -co-founder- guitar virtuoso Herman Li who invariably steals the show with his unique guitar playing technique.

Warm up act was Warkings.


Faster Than the Flame, Incense & Iron, Cardinal Sin, Amen & Attack, Dancing With the Dead, Armata Strigoi, Beast of Gévaudan, Stossgebet, Demons Are a Girl’s Best Friend, Fire and Forgive, Where the Wild Wolves Have Gone, Sainted by the Storm, Army of the Night, Blood for Blood (Faoladh), Let There Be Night


Sanctified With Dynamite, We Drink Your Blood, Werewolves of Armenia, Wolves Against The World.

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