Lordi ”Lordiversitour 2022” (Tavastia, Helsinki) – 08/12/2022

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Finland’s favorite hard rock monsters Lordi rocked the legendary Tavastia venue playing the first of their last three tour dates of the “Lordiversitour” in their native land Finland. As usual, the band seemed to be happy playing in front of their home fans giving tons of laughs for the crowd, not forgetting a mix of hard rock to pop songs you can bang your head, or shake your behind to. Considering this was the first show of the tour in Finland, Mr Lordi gave his usual notorious tongue in cheek speeches in Finnish, turning a monster rock show almost to a stand-up show. The band truly seemed to be having fun which is always nice to see, and the newcomer monster Kone is truly a machine on the guitar, the band is sounding better than ever nowadays. Check out the pictures from the night down below! JOO JOO! (you had to be there to understand it)

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