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Heavy crossover stars SUMO CYCO reveal ‘Initiation’ Digital Deluxe Edition & new single “Sun Eater”

Sumo Cyco unleashes their new single 'Sun Eater' in celebration of the announcement of the deluxe version of their latest album 'Initiation'!

THE LA MAYBE release official lyric video for “When I’m Gone”!

Up-and-coming heavy rock outfit The L.A. Maybe release a brand new video for the emotional ride that is 'When I'm Gone'!

ETERNAL FREQUENCY release official Music video for cover of NINE INCH NAILS hit single “Head Like a Hole”!

Heavy rock outfit Eternal Frequency shared a video for their rendition of the Nine Inch Nails classic 'Head Like A Hole'!

Hear Athens‘ metal and heavy rock ‘n’ rollers KHIRKI fuse Anatolian and Balkan folk sounds in crushing new song!

The Greek metal and heavy rock 'n' roll outfit Khirki unleashes a first track from their upcoming new album upon the world!

Heavy rock favorites SUMO CYCO drop addictive new anthem “Vertigo”

Sumo Cyco released yet another highly entertaining video for a track of their upcoming album 'Initiation'! Check it out!

SMALL TOWN TITANS released official music video for “9 to 5”!

The heavy rock outfit Small Town Titans revealed the official music video for the track '9 to 5' from their latest album!

Get primal with The Limit’s new single “Black Sea”

The Limit, consisting of absolute legends from the doom & punk scene, are schooling the youngsters on how to make music.

BRUNHILDE released video for ‘Where are you going?’ with a special guest

Rising stars in the rock scene Brunhilde release yet another song from their upcoming debut album with a fun video!

SMALL TOWN TITANS released official music video for “Let Me Breathe”!

Heavy rockers of Small Town Titans release yet another video and single from their latest release 'The Ride'. Check it out!

SMALL TOWN TITANS are “Rufflin’ Feathers” of social media with ferocious new single and music video!

Heavy rock outfit Small Town Titans unleash the energetic track "Rufflin' Feathers" from their upcoming album "The Ride"!