Aütfëst charity festival (Cultural Space Grossemy, Bruay-La-Buissière, FR) – 30/09/2023

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Looking back on a beautiful night for a great cause:

September 30, the first edition of Aütfëst takes place in Bruay-La-Buissière, somewhere in northern France. It’s a charity festival. Proceeds go to 2 autism-related partner associations: Ma p’tite fée autiste and Association AZUR…

It was a festival that was well-prepared by the 32 volunteers they could count on. Not only musically, but in addition there were food trucks, various stalls, a barber, merchandise stands for each band separately as well as their own merchandise. Aütfëst even had its own beer! There was also a guitar to be won, autographed by the winner’s favorite band (which turned out to be Kamizol K).

Musically, there were 7 bands on the program. All French metal bands, but each with a different genre, so something for everyone:

Overflow Guy: a Noise-Grunge duo with catchy melodies.

Titans Rage: Heavy metal as it sounded in the 80s. Both the voice and the music are reminiscent of Iron Maiden. They pay tribute to Lemmy with the song “Lemmy,” written in the old Motörhead style.

Death Structure: Good for half an hour of death metal!

Kamizol K: A hardcore group from Lyon… At the end of their show, they call a lot of people on stage…  It’s up to them to hand out the autographed guitar to the lucky winner!

Overdrivers: If you didn’t know, you’d think they’re Airbourne!

Xaon: Unfortunately, they had some soundcheck problems that led to a sound that wasn’t quite right, but other than that, they put on a great show of the best symphonic death metal France has to offer!

BlackRain: Good for even more than an hour of old school Glam metal/ Hard Rock was headliner Blackrain from Annecy.

In total, there were over 600 visitors, which made this first edition an instant success!

It was announced that they gathered a profit of €2000, which means they’ve been able to hand over €1000 to each of the organizations they were trying to support with this event!

Make sure to save the date for the next edition that will be held on Saturday, October 5th, 2024, to make it an even more successful one!

(They even planned a WÄRMÜP Autfest, which will take place on Saturday, March 30, 2024)

Congratulations to the organization for a successful first edition!
Thanks for the invitation, and we look forward to the next edition!

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