Jennifer Batten (Zaal Goedleven, Ghent, BE) – 24/11/2022

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Jennifer Batten, known for her work as a guitarist for big names like Michael Jackson and Jeff Beck, was on a club tour through Europe and had 2 stops in Belgium. We attended her show in the Goedleven (good life) venue in Ghent for an evening of pop-rock classics and some own work, including music she wrote to support several videos (that were also playing in the background).

One of the first things she said (to the light technician) was: “I’m like very old (65), so these flashing lights may give me epilepsy, so please don’t do that!?” She also said that she doesn’t see very well anymore, so they had to give a little more light than first intended, or she would play too many mistakes. These two requests were also very much appreciated by this grateful photographer, since it resulted in a very nicely illuminated show.

The first part was the music with the video footage. This was a solo performance. After that she pulled out the big guns: support on bass (and vocals) by Niklas Turmann and John Macaluso on the drums for a series of (mainly) pop, rock and jazz covers such as Aretha Franklin, Billie Eilish, Britney Spears, Toto and more.

A very nice performance in a very nice, very new venue!

Very special thanks to Zaal Goedleven for welcoming us!

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