Dragonforce “North American tour 2023” (Palladium Time Sqare, New York) – 03/11/2023

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The night was finally there that I got to see a show at the Palladium on Time Square in the one and only New York City. Headliner Dragonforce brought support acts Edge of Paradise, Nanowar of Steel and Amaranthe. The first being the only American band on today’s list. Let’s see what a night in this iconic venue will bring us!

Edge of Paradise

The only American band on the list today. Edge of Paradise formed in Los Angeles Callifornia, was formed in 2011 and just released a new album called Hologram. They played Basilisk, The Faceless, This is Personal and title track Hologram from that album for us tonight. They also played Digital Paradise from their previous album The Unknown. They brought us heavy symphonic metal and had cool stage outfits. Lead guitarist Dave Bates had green lasers on top of his outfit that reached all the way to the ceiling and through the venue. Lead singer Margarita Monet had white lights on top of her shoulders as well. After the first song, there were some problems with their drum kit, but after a few minutes that was fixed and the show could continue as planned. Edge of Paradise brought heavy and symphonic metal.


This is Personal
Digital Paradise
The Faceless

Nanowar of Steel

This Italian comedy metal band stole the show tonight. Not a lot of people know Nanowar of Steel on this side of the ocean, but all of them definitely enjoyed it. Nanowar started their show with a butt speech, followed by Uranus, the song about the planet of course. They changed into a giant barn owl with the Italian song Il Cacciatore Della Notte, taught us disco moves with Disco Metal and proved that Ikea furniture is easy to assemble, by assembling an Ikea table right on stage during Valhalleluja and throwing it into the crowd. That sums up almost the whole show, since this awesome and fun party only lasted for 6 songs, or about half an hour. For me, it could have lasted much longer.


The Call of Cthulhu
Il Cacciatore Della Notte
Disco Metal
Norweigian Reggaeton


When Amaranthe started, you could clearly hear that the audio quality was finally much better. With the previous bands, there was too much bass and the vocals were difficult to hear. Amaranthe started off with Fearless of their previous record Manifest. Amaranthe also recently released a new video single Damnation Flame, which is on their new record ‘The Catalyst‘, set for release on February 23, 2024. It was played live here, and they finally revealed the new identity of their new scream vocalist; Mikael Sehlin. These live shows are the first shows where we can see him in action, and I can tell you, you won’t be disappointed. Viral, their song they wrote about Covid, was also a part of their setlist. It’s an awesome song to hear live, especially if you know when it was released, and all we wanted most was to have live music again. The rest of the setlist consist of their well known songs like Hunger, The Nexus, Amaranthine and Drop Dead Cynical.


Digital World
Damnation Flame
The Nexus
That Song
Drop Dead Cynical


Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay long for Dragonforce, but luckily I found the show online, so I could still get a glimpse of what it was like after I left. Dragonforce rose on stage with old game machines in the corner where 8-bit games were shown. They had a great selection of songs for their setlist. The old stuff, as well as the new stuff, got a place on stage. Their new album Warp Speed Warriors is coming out on March 15, 2024. They already released 2 new singles with music videos called Doomsday Party and Power of the Trifoce. Both were played tonight. Both songs have humour and use it well. Doomsday Party lacks a bit of power, but Power of the Trifoce hits some fast notes. The older stuff played tonight consist of Fury of the Storm, Valley of the Damned, Soldiers of the Wasteland and of course, closer Through the Fire and the Flames. Dragonforce can’t leave their show without playing that iconic song, well known from the game Guitar Hero 3.


Revolution Deathsquad
Cry Thunder
Heroes of Our Time
Power of the Triforce
Soldiers of the Wasteland
The Last Dragonborn
Fury of the Storm
We Love the War (Sabaton parody)
Doomsday Party
Valley of the Damned

Highway to Oblivion
Wildest Dreams (Taylor Swift cover)
Through the Fire and Flames

And with that, the show on this, for me, legendary location was already over. Time flew by and all the bands gave it their all. The sound quality with Edge of Paradise and Nanowar of Steel was unfortunately not that good. You could barely hear the vocals coming through, and the bass was too much. It overruled the other instruments and vocals. When Amaranthe came on stage, the problem seemed to be solved. For Dragonforce, it seemed to be fixed as well, I’m assuming they kept it that way. The heroes of the night for me were definitely Nanowar of Steel. Their humour is amazing and has everybody laughing. They gained a lot of new fans this night. All the bands will play shows in the US throughout November still, and Amaranthe is going to set stages ablaze with Dragonforce all over Europe in 2024!

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