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Nanowar Of Steel set the dance floor ablaze with the second single ‘Disco Metal’ from the upcoming new album ‘Dislike To False Metal’, out next month via Napalm Records!

The crazy Italians of Nanowar Of Steel bring to you an instruction manual on how to do tax evasion with the new video for the track ‘Sulle Aliquote della Libertà’!

Das Oktober Metalfest added 2 more fun bands with Korpiklaani and Nanowar of Steel to make the party even bigger than it already was!

Nanowar of Steel delivers the metal summer hit of the year! Get your groove on!

Album Reviews

Nanowar of Steel’s new record ‘Dislike to False Metal’ brings parody metal to a whole new level with quality, yet hilarious songs that at times almost sound more than the bands they’re emulating. Released via Napalm Records.

Nanowar of Steel’s album is like the quote on their website: We take comedy seriously! Fun but amazing quality metal.