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Amaranthe released their new album ‘The Catalyst’ today via Nuclear Blast and unleashed a video for the title track to celebrate! Catch them on tour in Europe with Dragonforce and Infected Rain right now!

Amaranthe, one of Sweden’s most influential modern metal bands, kicks off 2024 with the crushing pop metal song ‘Re-Vision’, the 4th single from their upcoming album ‘The Catalyst’, set for release next month via Nuclear Blast!

Dragonforce unveiled an alternate version of their recent single ‘Doomsday Party’, featuring Elize Ryd from Amaranthe on vocals, a perfect preparation for their upcoming co-headline Europe tour! And a track from the upcoming album ‘Warp Speed Warriors’, set for release in March 2024 via Napalm Records!

The popular Swedish band Amaranthe unleashed another catchy single with ‘Outer Dimensions’, a track from their upcoming album ‘The Catalyst’, set for release via Nuclear Blast in February 2024! Which is also the month they start their extensive European co-headline tour with Dragonforce!

Swedish modern metal powerhouse Amaranthe unleashed the new single ‘Insatiable’, another track from their upcoming album ‘The Catalyst’, set for release in February 2024 via Nuclear Blast! Catch them live at John Smith Frozen this December or on their co-headline Europe tour with Dragonforce next year!

Amaranthe introduces their new vocalist Mikael Sehlin to the world with the brand-new single and video ‘Damnation Flame’!

Modern metallers of Amaranthe unleash another fiery video for a track of their latest release “Manifest”! Check it out!

Amaranthe unleashes hell with their third single ‘Archangel’, a fiery track and video that is bound to get you going!

Amaranthe is back with a brand new song, announcing their upcoming new album ‘Manifest’ to be released in October!

Modern melodic metal act Beyond The Black releases another track from their upcoming album ‘Horizons’, this time with guest vocals from Elize Ryd!

Photo Reports


We caught Amaranthe and Dragonforce on their co-headline European tour at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels, Belgium, with special guest Infected Rain for a night of high energy metal music!

At the beginning of March, Amaranthe, Dragonforce and Infected Rain brought quite the spectacle to thousands of fans gathered in Helsinki’s Black Box Jäähalli venue!


Metal bands on the rise Amaranthe and Beyond The Black have been on a co-headline tour through Europe with support from Butcher Babies and Ad Infinitum. And we were at their stop at Trix in Antwerp, Belgium to celebrate these talented men and women!

Sabaton came all the way from Sweden with their theatrics and pyrotechnics to almost literally set Antwerps biggest venue on fire and brought Amaranthe and Apocalyptica to heat things up even more.

The first day of Rockfest madness was one to remember, with the very first European Slipknot show in years! Check the pics here!

Since last year Finland is yet another big rock and metal event richer. The Rock Fest immediately caught the attention of people all over the country and far beyond those borders with big names like Rammstein and Evanescence gracing the line-up. Despite quite a few obvious flaws and bugs in the organisation, it was an overwhelming succes […]

The debut show of Cyhra was quite the event and support bands Eyes Wide Open & Ember Falls made it even more interesting!

Come and check out the awesome pictures we have of the ever cool Celts from Eluveitie and the modern metallists of Amaranthe!

Photo Coverage of Headbanger’s Balls Fest 2017

Gig Reports

With 3 bands being shining lights for (the future of) metal, and all 3 of them having a brand-new album in their pocket, Amaranthe, Dragonforce and Infected Rain turned Black Box Helsinki into a true celebration of heavy music about a month ago!

One of our reporters got to fulfill her dream to see a show at the legendary Palladium on Time Square while she was in New York City and caught great shows from Dragonforce, Amaranthe, Nanowar of Steel and Edge of Paradise ripping it up, turning the night into a celebration of heavy metal!

Sabaton’s The Great Tour has come to burn the place down in Het Sportpaleis in Belgium. They were all too happy to perform their songs in the country where it all happend. Support of Amaranthe and Apocalyptica

Eluveitie, Amaranthe and The Charm The Fury took the stage in the trix, leaving behind a night with mixed feelings.

Heavy metal? Hard rock? It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s heavy and grooves… Headbanger’s Balls Fest 2017 was again a great party!

Album Reviews

‘The Catalyst’ contains powerful songs that are loud and clear. But then again, the album also has a power ballad. It shows once again the different styles that Amaranthe has to offer. Out since last month via Nuclear Blast!

To summarize everything, Amaranthe’s new album has you nailed to your speakers from the first to the last note.

A soaring, flying start of a new band compiled out of some of the most prominent artists of the metal scene showcasing that they have this “modern metal” thing down!

The New Wave Of Folk Meta-… Errr, Rock: Cellar Darling and Eluveitie’s legacy.