Amanda Somerville about Trillium

We had the chance to ask Amanda Somerville a couple of questions about her latest release with Trillium and her life in the music industry!

Headbanger’s Balls Fest 2017

Heavy metal? Hard rock? It doesn't matter, as long as it's heavy and grooves... Headbanger's Balls Fest 2017 was again a great party!

DüsterLust – DüsterLust

Wonderful German symphonic metal!

Kobra and the Lotus

A talk with Kobra about "Prevail" and the tour...

Preview Summerbreeze 2016

It’s the time of the year again for Dinkelsbühl to go metal, already for the 19th time. Summer Breeze has grown to be one of the leading metal festivals in...

Singer Manda Ophuis quits Nemesea

Sudden sad news for the fans...

Nightqueen presents their new singer

Nightqueen has someone new to introduce!

Preview Metal Babes 2

Een dag met enkel female fronted metal ons voorgeschoteld!

The Norse gothic metalband Sirenia parts with singer Ailyn

A line-up change happening...