Interview with Patrick Walch of Noble Demon Records

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2020 will be known as the year during which the music industry seemingly got to a standstill due to the lock-downs following the pandemic. But it should also be known as the year that a new and very promising label was started. Noble Demon Records came from the ambition of Patrick Walch to create a unique label that offered a safe haven to bands who want to bring a certain quality of music in this world. Looking at his first year of operation, he showed with the label a certain artistic integrity and a promise of a highly diverse roster (with a strong presence of Finnish bands at the moment).

Talking with Patrick, he started off by expressing his many thanks to everyone supporting him, the label and the bands as much as they did. For a first year as a label, despite the pandemic, they’ve done exceptionally well. He contributed that also partially on the fact that he’s focusing somewhat more on digital releases like he already did with his former job at Nuclear Blast Records, with some high quality and special physical versions available. He agreed that starting off with the much anticipated return of Tuomas Saukkonen‘s Dawn of Solace as the first release on the label was definitely putting down a statement and ever since, they’ve been quite on the roll. Some of the Noble Demon albums reached unexpected heights in the charts and for Patrick it was really a dream come true. For the future of the label, he has ambitious plans to set up an online store that is fully ran and operated by Noble Demon in the very nearby future and of course continue to sign great bands (like he already did this year with Oceanhoarse and Neonfly), release quality music and he promised there will be a touch more dark stuff for the extreme metal fans under us…

For all of that and much more about the label and Patrick‘s vision, watch the interview on our Youtube channel or right here:

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