Interview Icon For Hire – “We are just going to keep going forever”

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A pretty popular band back home in the States, Icon For Hire came to visit Finland finally again in the beginning of this year after 5 years of absence. We managed to sit down with both vocalist Ariel Bloomer and guitarist Shawn Jump just before their show to have a chat with them before they rocked the stage.

We talked about how good it is to be back in Finland and that they definitely intend to not make it as big of a gap next time around. Since they are doing their thing completely independently from any label or such with Icon For Hire, we just had to touch on that for a moment as well. Ariel‘s lyrics are all very personal and tell about being strong, coping with mental health issues and struggling with fitting in, with which she hopes to be able to help her fans through difficult times. She actually sends out a message to her fans that are struggling right now, so definitely stick around for that! She also talks about a very memorable experience with someone approaching them with a story about how their music helped them to overcome things.

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