Interview Finntroll – “This is really an album that is sort of a point of view from a Shaman”

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It’s been 7 years since the rather legendary and popular Finnish horde of trolls released new music. Finntroll is finally back and is releasing their 7th full-length ‘Vredesvävd’ on September 18th via Century Media. A perfect time to sit down with Vreth, the vocalist of this folk metal band of misfits and talk about their glorious return.

Vreth told us about the musical red thread and overall shamanic theme on “Vredesvävd” and discussed the inspiration behind the new look. He also talked about how it was working very closely with Trollhorn on the album this time around, taking up more of the producing and mixing responsibilities, making the album a bit more “theirs” and creating a closer bond with the end result. At the end of the interview we also briefly discuss the possibility of ever playing “Visor om slutet” live or a fully acoustic show for that matter.

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