Interview Emperor – ”Making music is like an addiction to me”

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I had the pleasure to interview Mr. Ihsahn from the legendary Norwegian black metal band Emperor hours before playing as the headliner at Hellsinki Metal Festival. We arrived early to the lobby area of the hotel where Emperor were staying at and already saw Ihsahn himself visibly in a good mood giving an interview that was booked before us, during that we began to set our cameras up and building the nerves since I was about to sit down with the frontman of my all-time favorite black metal band.

And what a nice chat it was, Ihsahn has always been one of the good guys in the Norwegian black metal scene and it showed. We had a pleasant talk about his process of writing music, trying to compare the differences of writing and performing black metal and his solo stuff. But also about what made him fall in love with metal music where I saw his eyes light up just talking about music, you can see how much he truly loves it, as in he talks about how making music is like an addiction to him. Of course, we touch on the possibility of a new Emperor album and how it is playing with original members Mortiis and Faust again. They embarked on their first US tour since 2007, with a South American tour following. He also reminisces about their first visit in Helsinki back in 1997 and much more.

I hope you enjoy watching this interview as much as I did enjoy talking with the one and only, Ihsahn from the almighty Emperor!

For all of that and more go see the full interview on our Youtube channel or right here:
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