Interview …and Oceans – “With this band you can do whatever you feel like, there are no rules”

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With Finnish black metal institution …and Oceans about to release their sophomore full-length album ‘As in Gardens, So in Tombs’ with the latest iteration of the band, it was a great moment to catch up with the guys shortly before their last show of 2022 to have a chat about the album and other things…

We met up with Matthias (vocals), Timo (guitars) and Pyry (bass) to have a pleasant conversation about how special their show was at Hellsinki Metal Horizons earlier that summer, before we dove into their new album ‘As in Gardens, So in Tombs‘. We talked about how the mix of the new album sounds more deliberate and more organic than ever before, while including some of those more typical …and Oceans sounds like the electronic elements from the past. They felt that they just were able to spend more time on getting it really perfect this time around, which was at least one benefit that came out of the pandemic.

They are also quite happy to get that more quirky side of …and Oceans with keyboards, synths, and even bass more present in the new music. The wide and organic sound of the songs felt like there was more room to experiment with stuff, what is somewhat essential for …and Oceans, doing things their own way without any rules limiting themselves. Matthias also touches a bit on where he came from lyrically for this album, which was a really weird for him because usually he comes from a somewhat “bad” place, but this time he was actually enjoying his life at home, with the dogs, and close to nature. After recalibrating the way he writes lyrics, he feels like he’s in the best place ever, which somewhat reflected onto the album, which has a bit of a positive feel despite the harsh and cold black metal.

For all of that and more go see the full interview on our Youtube channel or right here:

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