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VARGRAV set release date for new WEREWOLF album “Reign In Supreme Darkness” and reveal first tracks

Finnish symphonic black metal master Vargrav is already returning with a second album!

Welicoruss “Siberian Heathen Horde Tour”

WELICORUSS' new album presentation in the form of the "Siberian Heathen Horde Tour". Symphonic Black Metal From The Coldest Depths of Siberia!

Maxen’s albums of the year 2018

2018 was a big year for metal and especially for extreme metal, check out Maxen's list of the best what 2018 had to bring in his opinion!

Tuska 2019 announces to be a K-18 event and brings the first name!

Norwegian royalty Dimmu Borgir will set Tuska 2019 stages aflame and family festival no more...

Alghazanth – Eight Coffin Nails

The swansong of Alghazanth, a Finnish black metal band that has been around for decades...

Dimmu Borgir – Eonian

Dimmu Borgir is at the top of their game by installing fresh traits on their tenth album.

Vargrav – Netherstorm

Vargrav has crafted an outstanding debut and Netherstorm grips the sombre spirit of the winter.

Welicoruss and FleXanT live at Asgaard

Welicoruss + FleXanT at Asgaard

Welicoruss and FleXanT live at Asgaard: a night filled with Melodic Death Metal and Symphonic Black Metal!

Rotting Christ & Carach Angren (Biebob)

Black and death metal all the way, from 3 different regions in Europe with Rotting Christ, Carach Angren and Svart Crown!