GRIMM Editorial Team

    Roadkill Festival

    We talked with the organisation of Roadkill Festival in Belgium to figure out what they're all about!

    Graspop 2018 – The Editors’ Pick

    Out of the over 100 bands coming to Graspop 2018, we made our own little pick of what bands you really have to go check out in our humble opinion!

    GRIMM’s albums of the year 2017

    A full year of incredible releases that we are trying to cram into a list of "albums of the year", here we go again...

    GRIMM wishes you a Heavy New Year 2018!

    Let's get ready for the new year: more heaviness, more epicness, more of everything... keep rocking!


    15 Years Heidevolk: Pagan Metal (Biebob)

    Ithilien worth the watch and a great warm-up for the always great Dutch pagan metal outfit Heidevolk, celebrating their 15th anniversary!

    Groezrock Announces Time Schedule

    Groezrock announces their time schedules!

    Groezrock Line Up Complete + VIP Contest

    Groezrock Line Up Complete + Win VIP tickets!


    who is ready to dresch?!

    Radegast is the official beer of Brutal Assault 2017

    Radegast (and others) is going to quench your thirst while checking out the highest quality of metal and hardcore bands!

    HammerFall – Built To Last

    The gods of power metal are back.