GRIMM wishes you a Heavy New Year 2018!

Another year has passed and a lot of things have happened! We’ve been cranking up on everything with a full year of operations at our new bar (Jeugdhuis) Asgaard, organizing even more awesome gigs than before and bringing you tons of cool articles on this site to read. This of course had its own challenges and struggles, but also great successes! For 2018 we are planning a few new things here and there, but are mostly looking to solidify the foundations of our organisation and continue bringing you the quality and support every single one of you deserves!

First of all we’d like to thank all the people who are involved with GRIMM Gent. Thanks to all the volunteers who are helping us to bring you things to do and read. Thanks to all the partners we’ve been working with, from bookers and organizers to PR firms and labels, both big and small. And of course thanks to all of you who have been diligently coming to our events and reading whatever we end up publishing on our site! We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without your support and we very much appreciate it all…

The past year we’ve been all over Europe visiting more gigs and festivals than before and tried to support many bands in sharing their creations with all of you. The coming year we’re of course planning to get even more published on the site, support more bands and find interesting things to share with you. Besides digital stuff, there’s a huge amount of events coming your way of which some are simply amazing. And of course, just as the past years we’ll be trying to take over the world again with for instance the Belgian Invasions at Winterdays of Metal and Metaldays in Slovenia.

At the beginning of 2017 we started our now successful column Pick Your Poison (for the Facebook page go here) in which we taste metal and rock related drinks to tell you if they’re any good or not. We’re continuing our mission to bring you our notes on every beer, wine or hard liquor we can get our hands on and will complement these with interviews with band members and breweries about the liquids. Near the end of this year we started 2 more columns: “The GRIMM Reader”, about books you just have to read in relation with your beloved music and “GRIMM & Chill”, in which we take a look at documentaries and movies with a strong link to metal and rock. To this date we don’t have many articles online yet, but we have plenty in the pipeline, so keep an eye out on these…

In the nearby future we’ll be kicking off 2 more projects on the site:

  • “Hallowed Be Thy Ink”: a new column about tattoos. Whether it be about the tattoos of musicians or tattoos from fans dedicated to their favorite bands or style of music, we’ll be having a talk with those people and showing off their artwork. If you yourself are one of those and want to be featured on our site showing off the pieces on your skin, feel free to contact us!
  • “Metal Trips”: a part of the site that has been hanging around for awhile already, but will be getting a revamp during the first half of 2018 to give you some tips and hints at places you just have to go to when you visit a certain country or city.

And lastly we want to reach out to you… are you living in Belgium and you feel like you could be an addition to the team of volunteers to work in the everyday operations of our organisation and events in Gent? Want to learn some specific skills in organizing an event? Or want to learn how to be a sound technician at live shows? Feel free to contact us! Do you want to support bands and organisations in a different way by writing articles for our site and get the chance to possibly meet your musical idols? Contact us to join the editorial team, you don’t have to be from Belgium, we officially open up applications for people all over the world to create an international team of writers and photographers! Or do you just want to support us to fund our organisation, become a member and buy a membership card

Thanks again for your support and let’s make 2018 even more epic than before! Hope to see you at our events or festivals and gigs, be on the look out for our logo and stay tuned…

The GRIMM Gent team