First (And Almost Final) Poster Released For Masters Of Grind 2019


Bro’D Promotions & Shades Of Black have released the first poster for the 2019 edition of Masters of Grind. The 2018 edition, which was also the very first one, sold out to a great and well-earned success. How could it not be with such a sick line-up? Last November we were treated to one hell of a headbanging experience with Pig Destroyer, Aborted, Benighted, Haemorrhage, Gutalax, and many, many more.

A few weeks ago the names started dropping for the next edition and boy, am I excited. First announced was the Portuguese grind ensemble Serrabulho, which immediately set the tone if you ask me.

Up next we have grind veterans Birdflesh from Sweden. Really stoked to see thoses dudes again, since their gig at Metaldays 2018 was so lit. Joining them are Hideous Divinity (brutal death metal – IT), local legends Agathocles (mincecore – BE), Brodequin (brutal death metal – US), and General Surgery (deathgrind – SWE).

Couldn’t believe it when I saw it, but Fukpig (grindcore – UK) was added to the line-up. I nearly lost it, I must admit. Joining them are party sickos Volière (grindcore – BE), the banjo slamming No One Gets Out Alive (slamdeath -DE), Prostitute Disfigurement (brutal death metal – NL), Suffering Quota (grindcore – NL), Wound Collector (death metal – BE), and Rectal Smegma (grindcore – NL), who return for the second time.

Now all we have to do is wait for the headliner announcement, and hope the days will fly by so we can attend this awe-inspiring gorefest of a gig, which will take place on November 2nd, 2019 at De Casino in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. Early Bird tickets for Masters of Grind 2019 are already sold out! Don’t miss out! Follow the event page, and get your regular tickets here.

I’m telling you, Winter might not even be over yet, but I’m already wishing for the next one.

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