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Brutal death metallers Brodequin greet death on ‘Harbinger of Woe’, the title track of their upcoming album, set for release next week via Season of Mist!

Brutal death metal outfit Brodequin are returning to wield fresh instruments of torture on upcoming album ‘Harbinger of Woe’, set for release in March via Season of Mist and unleashed a first track with ‘Of Pillars and Trees’!

The poster for Masters of Grind 2019 is almost complete. A few weeks ago the names started dropping and the line-up is sick as hell.

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Knoxville, Tennessee-brutal death metal act Brodequin return with their newest album “Harbinger of Woe”, very reminiscent of the old-school Spanish grind gore bands of the 90s. Out since March 22nd, via Season of Mist Underground Activists.