News Posts

Death metal outfit Hideous Divinity announced their new full-length album ‘Unextinct’ to be released via Century Media Records in March and shared the single ‘The Numinous One’ with a captivating video!

Hellsinki Metal Festival, the most exciting new player in the Finnish summer festival season this year, is throwing down the gauntlet with a really exciting first batch of announcements for next year’s edition!

Century Media tries to soften the blow of all the cancelled festivals by organizing a massive online Century Media “Isolation Festival”!

Hideous Divinity and Mass Worship join Terrorizer on the ‘Caustic Invasion Over Europe’ tour. Check the dates!

Hideous Divinity unleash another technical death metal track upon the world with “The Deaden Room”!

The poster for Masters of Grind 2019 is almost complete. A few weeks ago the names started dropping and the line-up is sick as hell.

Album Reviews

The fifth installment “Unextinct” from the Italian technical brutal death metal outfit Hideous Divinity delivers plenty of powerful brutality and atmosphere. Hideous Divinity managed to imbue the songs with themes extracted from cinematic art, out via Century Media Records, and comes highly recommended for fans of Vader, Fleshgod Apocalypse, and Hour of Penance.

Simulacrum is a mind-blowing work of art and it’s one of the best technical death metal albums which I have experienced in a very long time. FFO Nile, Suffocation, and Hour of Penance.

“The Oblivious Lure” is an average death metal record but the band has displayed their skills through music in a very convincing manner.