Demiurgon – The Oblivious Lure

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Italy has a big share when it comes to this type of extreme and technical death metal, bands such as Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hour of Penance and Hideous Divinity, have been leading the Italian underground scene for many years now. And Demiurgon’s are no exception when it comes to the category of technical death metal. The Italian outfit Demiurgon returns after four years of break, and release their sophomore album via Everlasting Spew Records. Previously known as HatredOblivious Lure” features eight solid tracks and it is one of the highlights of the month of July. The quintet are consist of Stefano Borciani on vocals, Riccardo Valenti on drums, Umberto Poncina on bass, Emmanuelle Ottani and Dani Benincasa on guitars. The first track Tsansas is set with up-roaring growls and ear bleeding blast beats. Demiurgon executes some fast riffing switching between grooves and mid pacing.

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The exercise into the technical death metal style is fused with incredible anger which flows within the tracks. And the brutal approach to songwriting is applied with extreme measures which focuses on strength. For instance the band combines the barbarity of the technical style of death metal where the tracks takes an extreme direction. Vocalist Stefano Borciani performs squeals and harsh growls and they fit perfectly to this kind of music. On the second track Kapalikas is employed by the chunky guitar riffs and they are intensely executed. Although the general sound of the band leans towards brutality, Demiurgon unleash the blast beats only when they’re required, as there are many moments on the album where the drumming slows down. The brutal energy is implemented by the blistering riffs, and the hyper blasting of the drums. …dei dimenticati which is the title of the third track is extreme and ferocious, and the entirety of the songs are sung in Italian language.  

The Oblivious Lure is an average death metal record but the band has displayed their skills through music in a very convincing manner. Demiurgon could have introduced more ingredients to the music, but the band has a good potential to improve with their future albums. Other standout tracks is the fourth track Il Culto Cannibale, a very refreshing solid track. There is a good balance between the furious riffs and the drums, the riffing patterns are also quite effective. At many times the band seems to balance between the crushing brutality and the mid pacing style and this actually brings some variation to the tracks. 

The album is full of chunky riffs but what makes the songs so interesting is, the factor of the solid musicianship between the members especially drummer Riccardo Valenti. And like the previous tracks, Profezia Di Una Specie Morente is employed with the brutal style of death metal, the guitar department is fulfilling as they execute catchy solos and brutal chugs which are well executed. The great production and sound quality of the album enhance the overall sound. The Oblivious Lure is volcanic death metal album there is absolutely no doubt about the quality here.

The title track is brutal and dynamic, and builds gradually before you can behold the sheer potency of the roaring growls. Yet the explosive sound of the erupting guitars maintains the sonic intensity, and the modern sound of the album is equivalent to bands such as Origin, Suffocation, and Hour of Penance. The brutal combination from the extreme guitar riffing and the technical skills on Teatro Del Coito are impressively constructed by the destructive blast beats. There are plenty of intense riffs and infuriating solos, the band managed to release a brutal record but again there is nothing interesting here. The music is still very distinctive and full of monolithic riffs, this for sure one of the strongest releases by the Italian underground label, The Oblivious Lure is 40 minutes of destructive brutality.

Release Date: July 12th, 2019
Label: Everlasting Spew Records
Track list:

  1. Tsansas
  2. Kapalikas
  3. …dei dimenticati
  4. Il Culto Cannibale
  5. Profezia Di Una Specie Morente
  6. The Oblivious Lure
  7. Teatro del coito
  8. The Day Dawn Came Twice


  • Music7/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals7/10
  • Production7/10
  • Artwork7/10
  • Originality7/10
7"The Oblivious Lure" is volcanic death metal album there is absolutely no doubt about the quality here, and this for sure one of the strongest releases by the Italian underground label Everlasting Spew Records.
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