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Toronto blackened technical death metal collective Apogean shares their new video single ‘Bluelight Sonata’, a track from their upcoming album ‘Cyberstrictive’, set for release next month via The Artisan Era!

Tuska completed their 2024 line-up with the addition of Kerry King and 6 domestic acts with Kaunis Kuolematon, The Abbey, NightStop, Suotana, Malformed and Shereign. The Tuska KVLT bands still need to be announced, though! Get your tickets now!

Tech death outfit Allegaeon is set to enter the studio to record their seventh full-length with original vocalist Ezra Haynes! Catch them on the road with Decapitated, SepticFlesh and Kataklysm on the “Cancer Culture Over North America Tour 2024”!

Death metal outfit Hideous Divinity announced their new full-length album ‘Unextinct’ to be released via Century Media Records in March and shared the single ‘The Numinous One’ with a captivating video!

French tech-death outfit Exocrine sharpen their sights on ‘Eidolon’, the 3rd single/video from their upcoming ‘Legend’ album, set for rel

Finnish technical blackened death metal Ulterror released the first single ‘The Greater Sublimations of Cosmic Panic’, from their upcoming debut album ‘Transcendent Origins’, set for release in March via Inverse Records!

Last week, progressive extreme metal duo Entheos unleashed the Drumcorps remix of their ‘The Interior Wilderness’ track, taken from their latest album ‘Time Will Take Us All’, out via Metal Blade Records!

Tech death band Gory Blister recently released their 7th full-length ‘Reborn from Hatred’ via Eclipse Records and shared a video for the track ‘Push Out The Venom’ this week!

Finnish tech death band Omnivortex released new single and video ‘Of Aeons Past’, a track from their upcoming album ‘Circulate’, set for release via Inverse Records next month!

Tech slammers Wormhole unleashed second single ‘Elysiism’ from upcoming album ‘Almost Human’, set for release via Season of Mist in September!


Our resident extreme metal reviewer Mazen has a selection of stellar (mostly) black and death metal releases as his favorite of the year with Sulphur Aeon, Varathron, Moonlight Sorcery, Cruciamentum, Suffocation, Dying Fetus, Asphodelus, Marduk, …And Oceans, and Cirith Ungol!

A list of the top albums of 2018, dominated by tech death releases!

Album Reviews

Suffocation’s brutal and technical legacy remains the main attribute of these U.S. veterans, with the 9th album ‘Hymns From The Apocrypha’ guaranteeing a lesson in slamming brutality of the NY death metal style, out now via Nuclear Blast Records.

Fourth chapter, “The Enduring Spirit” of Toronto-based death metal outfit Tomb Mold offers a spectacular mix of technical/progressive elements in such a visceral and unforgotten performance. Out now digitally via 20 Buck Spin and physically next month!

Canadian brutal/technical death metal collective Cryptopsy showcase a great deal of aggression and brutality on their newest endeavor “As Gomorrah Burns” out now via Nuclear Blast.

Lunar Chamber is one of the most unique bands in the subgenre of progressive technical death metal. Their debut EP “Shambhallic Vibrations” is such a mind-boggling record full of sophisticated riffing and a bizarre ethereal atmosphere, released via 20 Buck Spin.

Abysmal Dawn on the latest EP “Nightmare Frontier” has added some spicy ingredients to the composition which effortlessly explores the melodic direction.

“Apexapien” holds like a block of concrete by the cohesive force of the members who excelled in their ability to craft an energetic slab of technique and brutality.

‘Mokvání V Okovech’ incorporates an inspiring fusion of American and European death metal style.

“Saint Desecration” is dynamically fueled by the fires of hell this yet another great album by the Polish quartet Azarath!

‘Nucleus’ is densely packed with a stratum of complex riffs and deep guttural growls. Within its time length of forty-one minutes the band swagger in applying overwhelming brutality.

Bedsore takes many influences from other bands like Atheist and Cynic., but the Italian lads have crafted their debut by merging the progressive elements of death metal with other psychedelic aspects.