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American black/death metal outfit Malefic Throne, with members of bands like Morbid Angel, Origin and Angelcorpse, signed to Agonia Records!

Tech death masters Origin are kicking off 2023 with a bang with a co-headlining Europe tour alongside Monstrosity and support from our very own Reject The Sickness and Intrepid!

Finnish melodeath masters of Omnium Gatherum unleash first track ‘Paragon’ from their upcoming new Century Media album ‘Origin’!

The first headliner for Brutal Assault 2018 is known! Together with a few more other bands for the line-up…



We got the pleasure to be invited to get an exclusive pre-listening of Omnium Gatherum’s ‘Origin’ album and hear some cool tidbits from behind the scenes!

Album Reviews

“The Oblivious Lure” is an average death metal record but the band has displayed their skills through music in a very convincing manner.

Very heavy and complex music by Finnish prog metal outfit!


20 years ago Sepultura’s Roots was released. What are the legendary metal brothers doing now?